Android Enterprise Device Owner ADB provisioning

Android Enterprise Device Owner ADB provisioning



One day, I had to do some screen capture for the whole enrollment process, but some app screens were protected to prevent screenshots. I found a solution: provision device using adb, enable Developer Options and use scrcpy to get my device screen on my computer.


  1. Initialize device as usual (do not provision the device with standard Anrdoid Enterprise provisioning method)
  2. Install the DPC client
  3. Remove all Google accounts on device
  4. Enable Developper Options and debug mode
  5. Set the DPC role to the DPC client (cannot be undone or changed) with the following commands:
adb shell dpm set-device-owner <PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_COMPONENT_NAME>
DPCAdmin component name
MobileIron Corecom.mobileiron/com.mobileiron.receiver.MIDeviceAdmin
VMware Workspace ONEcom.airwatch.androidagent/com.airwatch.agent.DeviceAdministratorReceiver
Android Management (seems to not work)
Test DPCcom.afwsamples.testdpc/.DeviceAdminReceiver
  1. Enroll device with DPC

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